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11 Best Paying Jobs In Energy Industry in 2023 (Jobs & Salary)

The production or distribution of energy is related to the stocks in the energy sector. Companies engaged in oil and gas drilling, refining, and exploration and development are included in the energy sector or industry. Integrated power utility firms using coal and renewable energy are also a part of the energy sector.

Different types of energy are used by the businesses in the energy sector. Energy firms are often divided into one of two groups based on where the energy they produce is sourced:


  • Petroleum products and oil

  • Natural gas

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel fuel

  • Heating oil

  • Nuclear



  • Hydropower

  • Biofuels such as ethanol

  • Wind power

  • Solar power


11 Highest Paying Jobs In Energy

You want to know what do energy jobs pay ? the average annual pay for the Energy Industry jobs category in the United States is $71,053 a year.

And many jobs are available in energy, Here’s our list of the best best paying jobs in energy industry :


1. Petroleum Engineer

The task of discovering, drilling, and extracting oil from the earth falls to petroleum engineers. These experts search geology and geography for oil and other lucrative minerals to do this. After being discovered, these resources can either be taken directly from the earth (if on land) or transferred by ship or pipeline to a refinery.The average annual salary for a petroleum engineer ranges from $91,000 a year to he over $107,000.


2. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are a critical resource to the oil and gas industry, in order to ensure petroleum and oil materials go directly into gas tanks, and that the correct chemicals are used to get crude oil into a usable form. We take a look at the best chemical engineering jobs in oil and gas and explore the benefits of working in this industry.

As conditions for extracting oil become increasingly difficult, chemical engineering jobs within this field are extremely desirable. As reserves become harder to extract, the oil and gas industry requires top quality engineers to sustain it.

Because of this, the oil and gas sector offers an extremely generous income, often in excess of $70,000. For graduates looking to get into this industry, it offers the highest graduate engineering salary of any sector – often over $30,000 a year.


3. Wind Farm Site Manager

System administrators at wind farms are in charge of producing and distributing electricity. They oversee all maintenance, repair, performance, and financial aspects of wind farm operations.

In the USA, the average wind site manager earns $97,500 annually, or $50 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $126,000 per year, while entry-level occupations start at $92,625 annually.


4. Atmospheric Scientist

Atmospheric chemists research the elements, reactions, measuring methods, and processes of the atmosphere. They research UV radiation, chemical processes that take place in clouds, and climates and gases. The physical alterations and interactions that take place in the atmosphere are studied by atmospheric physicists and dynamists.

Atmospheric Scientists get an average base pay of $104,320, with base salaries ranging from $80,590 to $129,510.


5. Nuclear Engineer

The management of nuclear power or material is the subject of fresh research by nuclear engineers. To help in the development of preventive measures, they investigate nuclear accidents and analyze the data. Some examine the viability of various approaches to handling radioactive material or recovering nuclear fuel.

For nuclear engineers, the average yearly salary was $120,380.


6. Industrial Engineer

An industrial engineer is a specialist in charge of creating production plans and procedures that boost output, get rid of waste, cut expenses, and uphold quality standards inside a business.

Industrial engineers had an average yearly salary of $95,300.


7. Civil Engineer

The environment in which we live is created, enhanced, and protected by civil engineers. Infrastructural building structures and infrastructure, such as roads, trains, airports, bridges, harbors, dams, irrigation projects, power plants, and water and sewerage systems, are planned, designed, and overseen during construction.

The median annual compensation for civil engineers was $88,570.


8. Financial Analyst For Renewable Energy Companies

Financial analysts typically earn a respectable salary. The best-paying positions in the energy sector, however, are those held by employees of renewable energy firms. Additionally, they are essential in assisting businesses with future planning. That is as a result of their extensive knowledge of renewable energy sources and finance.

Financial Analyst in this field earn $85,439 per year.


9. Power Plant Operator

A power plant operator is in responsible of operating all of the machinery required to produce energy, including pumps, fans, gauges, and boilers. Additionally, this person is in charge of lubricating, cleaning, and maintaining machinery to avoid breakdowns or excessive wear and tear.

In the US, a Power Plant Operator I makes an average pay of $67,762.


10. Solar Energy Technician

Photovoltaic solar panels, often known as PV panels, are installed by solar experts. They might also be used in conjunction with solar thermal panels, which collect the sun's heat-producing rays. Solar PV installers may link the panels to the power grid in accordance with state regulations. Solar energy is a unique chance.

The average annual salary for a Solar Energy Technician in the United States as of September 25, 2022, is $58,270.


11. Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists do experiments in the lab and collect samples and observational data outdoors. For instance, they frequently examine soil and water for industrial and agricultural pollution. To identify the kind, level, and source of the pollution, they will examine samples of the water, soil, or air.

An environmental scientist typically earns $53,910 per year.



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