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8 Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries in 2023 ( Overview & Salary )

Every government must have a reliable source of income to keep power at its peak and to steer the direction of the economy. Basic industries provide many employment opportunities that provide growth opportunities and livelihoods for people. Worldwide, he has more than a billion people working in basic industries.


What is a Basic Industry?

Basic industries are important industrial sectors that supply raw materials to other industries such as metals, gas, coal, wood and paper. Each type of raw material is then used to create different types of goods. There are many promising career opportunities in basic industries, but the highest paying basic industry jobs are found primarily in agriculture, energy, paper and mining.


Top 8 Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries

If you seek a career path that offers stability and employment security, basic industries can be an excellent choice.

Here's a list of the highest paying jobs in basic industries :


1.Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are responsible for finding, drilling, and extracting oil from the ground. These professionals do this by surveying geology and geography to find oil and other valuable minerals. Once these resources are found, they can be extracted directly from the ground (if on land) or transported by ship or pipeline to a refinery.

The average annual salary for a petroleum engineer ranges from $91,000 a year to he over $107,000.


2.Computer systems analyst

This is one of the highest paying careers in the basic sectors you are looking for if you are a high-tech guy with a strong IT brain. Your job as a computer systems analyst is to plan ahead to satisfy hardware and software demands for computers.

The typical yearly compensation for computer systems analysts ranges from $87,000 to more than $102,000.


3.Business Development Engineer

A business development engineer designs equipment configurations, conducts laboratory testing of novel product development techniques, and guards against potential safety hazards associated with project activities. The duties may include maintaining quality control, conducting manufacturing process improvement, maintaining records, and producing product documentation, depending on the industry sector.

The average yearly compensation for business development engineers is from $89,000 to more than $110,000.


4.Agricultural Chemist

Agricultural chemists examine how organisms develop and change over time while being exposed to chemicals, frequently in lab settings.

They look into how chemicals can be utilized to promote agricultural resistance to pests, drought, and low temperatures, as well as to raise crop yields, lessen environmental harm, and reduce environmental damage.

The average annual income for agricultural chemists ranges from $74,000 to more than $87,000.


5.Mining Engineer 

One of the highest-paying positions in the mining sector and across all basic industrial fields belongs to mining engineers. For this position, a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering, post-high school education, and prior work experience are necessary. An engineer's typical day includes surveying boundaries for mine planning and designing projects for mining operations.

The average yearly income for mining engineers ranges from $83,000 to more than $101,000.



Geologists are scientists who examine the Earth's past, present, and other physical characteristics. Their understanding of minerals and rocks is utilized to locate energy sources like coal, oil, and gas.

By examining the tectonic forces that push up mountains and volcanoes or generate earthquakes, geologists can also better grasp how the land masses of Earth move.

They receive a $67,894 average yearly wage.


7.Health and Safety Officer

The seamless and safe operation of vital industries is the responsibility of health and safety officers. To guarantee that operators possess the fundamental abilities required to drive these vehicles, they oversee the rules for the equipment employed, such as forklifts and cranes.

By addressing the hazard before someone is hurt, they also ensure that nobody is injured as a result of the hazard.

The typical income for a health and safety officer is $108,836.



Chemists who create, prepare, and test metal compounds are known as metalurgists. They investigate the physical characteristics of these alloys to ascertain whether alterations to the production procedure can improve their efficacy.

In order to predict how an alloy will behave over time and in a certain environment, metallurgists also undertake experiments.

They receive an average yearly wage of $85,826.


Is Basic Industry a Good Career Path ?


Without a doubt, yes. It's a fascinating employment option for youngsters. In fundamental industries, there are many well-paying positions available.

If you meet the qualifications, you can utilize an online certificate or degree as proof of your professional expertise.

Basic industry expertise are in greater demand, which suggests a promising career path.

Because businesses rely heavily on chemicals and other raw materials to create their finished goods for consumers, basic industrial professions are in high demand.



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