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9 EASIEST College Majors With HIGH Salaries (2022-2023)

A lot of people are afraid to go back to school and get a bachelor’s degree because they think it will take too long.You would only get a generic list if you googled easiest high paying degrees or easiest degree that pays the most and many of these majors don't even lead to employment with extremely high salaries.

Therefore, I had to take matters into my own hands and create a distinct list of the easiest college majors that pay well.


9 Quick & Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022 and 2023

Here's a list of the best easiest majors that pay well :

  1. Construction Management
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Marketing
  4. Business Administration and Management
  5. Human Resources
  6. Travel Service Management
  7. Healthcare Administration
  8. Finance
  9. Supply Chain Management


1. Construction Management

  • Average Salary: $62,327

Projects that you complete alongside classmates while you're still in class make up a large portion of the work. So the extracurricular workload isn't as ridiculous as it would be for a stem degree.

This is one the easiest degree with the highest pay but of course, the quantity of work required varies depending on the institution you attend. However, compared to many other degrees, construction management is generally easier. And if you want to work in construction management, the majority of employers demand that you have a bachelor's degree.

This is one of the easiest college majors that you can get.

A number of institutions actually include that in their curriculum. They force you to work for a semester rather than attend classes, which makes it quite simple to acquire the necessary experience.

The abilities you'll acquire are also very useful for landing a job. And demand is increasing more quickly than usual.


2. E-Commerce

This is one of the easiest college majors. The e-commerce sector is expanding, and numerous businesses are seeking qualified individuals to fill open positions.

A degree in E-commerce is an easy major to obtain and pays well. Additionally, it is adaptable, allowing it to be used in management or entrepreneurial roles.

E-commerce managers look after a company's online store and guarantee that clients enjoy their online shopping. They are in charge of everything, including fulfillment, customer service, and marketing and advertising.

Even if this is one of the easiest degree with the highest pay. The average compensation for eCommerce entrepreneurs in the US is $97,730, with salaries ranging from $44,190 to $187,200. The top 83 percent of eCommerce entrepreneurs earn $187,200, with the middle 50% earning $85,240.


3. Marketing

You want to have the easiest degrees that pay well ? We now have marketing, one of the simplest business majors that pay well all the time. primarily because it lacks the mathematical underpinnings of accounting or finance, yet it nevertheless has the ability to generate very large income.

Regardless of the business a firm is in, marketing is a crucial talent.

Because if you can't get the appropriate eyeballs on your product, it doesn't matter how excellent it is. The fact that marketing can be so lucrative—the average marketing manager makes $61,136 annually—is due to the fact that businesses won't make any money.

Marketing is also one of the best easiest degree that pays the most. In May 2021, the median yearly salary for marketing managers was $135,030. The bottom 10% made less than $77,680, while the top 10% made more than $208,000. Most managers of marketing, advertising, and promotions are full-time employees. Some managers of advertising and promotions put in more than 40 hours a week.


4. Business Administration and Management

Though they each have a different concentration, both degrees provide a foundation in the fundamentals of business. A bachelor's degree in business management (BSBM) is first and foremost focused on company management. Management theory, fundamentals of accounting, and business communication are all possible course topics.

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) on the other hand, might have various specialties. Finance, marketing, economics, and operations are some of the most practical applications of business that students might concentrate on.

While business theory is taught, BSBA students also acquire the practical skills that underpin management, leadership, and moral decision-making in the workplace.

All business and financial jobs are expected to have job growth of 7% between 2018 and 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Additionally, Business administration and management is on of the easiest high paying degrees the BLS provides 2019 median earnings for a range of business management and administration careers:

  • Accountants earned $71,550
  • Budget analysts earned $76,540
  • Logisticians earned $74,750
  • Financial examiners earned $81,090
  • Financial analysts, a popular choice among BSBM graduates, earned $81,590
  • Public relations specialists earned $61,150


5. Human Resources

In the fascinating profession of human resources, you get to select and oversee the advantages of outstanding people for your business. Additionally, you can be in charge of hiring, educating, compensating, and punishing staff members.

You'll obtain a general understanding of most business disciplines, such as accounting, management, and marketing, because your work may involve a wide range of duties. To make sure that your organization is adhering to best practices, you'll also study business law and ethics. Payroll and benefits management will be covered in specific courses.

After graduation, you might manage the entire HR department at a smaller company or work in a division of the HR department at a large corporation. You may work as a professional headhunter or a recruiter for a temp agency, matching applicants with open positions.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an HR manager with a bachelor's degree earns a median yearly salary of $121,220. (BLS).


6. Travel Service Management

A career in travel management includes assisting tourists in making wise choices when reserving lodging, transportation, and sightseeing options. Continue reading to discover more about obtaining a bachelor's degree in this area, explore a list of possible courses, and discover your work options.

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management, or possibly a Bachelor of Business Administration in Sport, Event, and Hospitality Management are all possible outcomes of programs leading to a degree in travel management. Any school in this area will acquaint you with the business in regards to matters like hospitality trends, flight and travel arrangements, travel regulations, and hotel administration. You'll discover the methods employed to assist clients in having a fulfilling travel experience.

You may work as a travel agent and book the best flights, accommodations, and tours for your clients if you have a bachelor's degree in tourism administration. Travel agents can focus in a particular area of travel, such European or cruise travel. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( reports that the median annual pay for travel agents was $42,350 in May 2020. You may also work as a tour guide, taking tourists on excursions through unique locations, cities, or nations. As someone who attends to visitors' requirements, manages the hotel's everyday operations, or organizes special events like business meetings, you could possibly find work in hotels.


7. Healthcare Administration

Now this is one of the best majors that pay well. Graduates in healthcare administration can choose from a variety of professions. While some students prefer to work with people directly, others prefer to concentrate on facts and figures.

Students can concentrate in fields including education, informatics, operations, and health policy by choosing a concentration in healthcare administration. Each concentration can help students get a head start on their professional preparation.

Medical and health services managers get an average yearly compensation of about $115,000, according to the BLS. The pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industry provides an average annual compensation of approximately $204,000, making it the most profitable sector for these professions.

Between 2018 and 2028, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts an 18% increase in employment for managers of medical and health services. A degree in healthcare management equips graduates with the underlying information and abilities required to succeed in this quickly expanding industry.

The BLS predicts that 71,600 new jobs will be generated between 2018 and 2028, reflecting the continued high need for medical and health care managers.


8. Finance

Among the many things you can and will study as a finance major are budgeting, investment selection, and spending analysis. As a finance major, you will learn how to present facts that will lead to strategic changes and how to analyze previous performance of businesses to forecast future performance. You'll be given a lot of project-based tasks, whether they're individual case studies to improve your problem-solving skills or group presentations to improve your interpersonal communication skills. This degree typically has accounting, economics, math, and psychology courses.

There are several employment opportunities available in the rather large field of finance as a study. These consist of:

  • financial trading
  • management advice
  • management of investments
  • Finance for businesses Accounting
  • management of risk
    and more..

Finance majors earn a wide range of wages based on the professions they select. While management consultants make an average of $86,000 a year and investment bankers can make up to $250,000, accountants typically make $63,000 a year.


9. Supply Chain Management

Using supply chain management, business is conducted. The movement and storage of raw materials, inventories for work-in-progress, and finished commodities from the point of origin to the point of consumption are all covered by supply chain management. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that one of the industries with the most recent growth will be supply chain management.

The undergraduate supply chain management major equips students with the in-depth information and technological know-how necessary to secure employment in top supply chain management positions. The necessary knowledge and skill sets cover all supply chain echelons and functional areas, including pricing analysis, channel coordination, brand management, new product development, supply chain alignment, retail management, and distribution management. They also include strategic sourcing, global procurement, contract management, business performance improvement, supply chain technologies, and six sigma.

Supply chain specialists with a bachelor's degree made a median pay of $74,750, according to the 2020 U.S. Bureau of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook (May 2019).



You've undoubtedly noticed by this point that many of the degrees on this list have to do with business. Many individuals criticize business degrees for being too simple. People believe that an easy major won't lead to a good job or one with a significant influence.

Because they put in more effort, some stem majors, in my experience, even feel superior than business majors. However, the reality is that business majors offer excellent return on investment (ROI) considering the amount of work required compared to the rewards received.

In the end, you shouldn't pursue the degree that sounds easy; instead, pick a field that you are passionate about, since the more you enjoy something, the simpler it will be to complete it.

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