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How To Send DD Suggestion on DevianArt (Daily Deviation)

Some people are unclear as to how recommending a daily deviation functions. I had planned to write a tutorial for it, but this is somewhat different from the typical articles I do. Additionally, you can put this on your profile!


What is a Daily Deviation (DD)


A Daily Deviation is a feature that is broadcast to the entire community to provide an overview. They resemble feature diaries in essence.

They encourage a diversion for a full day. Community volunteers feature daily deviations; they can be identified by their heart. However, not all deviants with hearts are able to feature daily deviations.


How To Send DD (Daily Deviation) Suggestions on DevianArt 


To send DD suggestions on devianArt, kindly utilize DeviantArt notes or direct message. Sometimes the following details should be included in your note:

  • Name: DD Suggestion (Would you kindly do this? It aids in my organization!)
  • One suggestion/artist per note, please, along with a link or thumbnail to the deviation you want to be featured.
  • Why do you believe it merits a DD? (optional but always appreciated)
  • You can also tell the user whether you want to remain anonymous or not.


Most importantly, keep in mind that not everything displayed will be to your taste. Deal with it, then proceed. There is absolutely no justification for commenting that a deviation is unworthy of a Daily Deviation. In addition to being impolite, it is also upsetting to the featured artist and the person who proposed it. So, don't share your opinions with others. If you don't like the Daily Deviation, you cannot stop receiving it. Since the function only lasts for 24 hours, just let the person enjoy it. Nothing will be done faster by whining about it. To promote a deviation and an artist, daily deviations are provided.



How do I suggest Daily Deviations?

The Daily Deviations are a collection of works chosen by a small group of Community Volunteers or staff members each day to display to the general public.

An artist's chance to be viewed by a significant section of the community is the goal of a Daily Deviation. You might not like every piece chosen as a Daily Deviation because not everyone has the same tastes.

Do NOT post your criticism alongside the other comments on a Daily Deviation feature if you disagree with it. It is disrespectful to the featured artist, the person who selected it, and the person who made the recommendation.

If you must voice your disapproval of a selected feature, please note Moonbeam13. It is quite unlikely that the image will be taken down unless it breaks DeviantArt's rules.

Suggestions from deviants like you are among the pool of ideas from which the Daily Deviations are selected. Please feel free to make ideas by noting Moonbeam13 if you think a particular kind of art is being ignored or underrepresented.


 You can also self suggest yourself for a Daily Deviation.


Who to send your DD suggestions to:



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