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Are Tech Sales Bootcamps Really Worth It in 2023 ?

In order to find out whether a tech sales bootcamp is worthwhile or not, you clicked on this page.

I love the field of tech sales so much, but just because I love the field does not mean that I love tech sales bootcamps. I'm not going to ruin the article or anything, but some of the most well-known tech sales bootcamps out there, with thousands and thousands of students, are definitely not worth it. Does this mean that all tech sales boot camps are bad, though?

Not necessarily, and in this article I'll give you some advice on whether or not bootcamps are the best option for you.


What Are Tech Sales Bootcamps?

First things first, for those who don't know what exactly a tech sales bootcamp is right now, tech sales is just a catch-all term for a variety of closely related professions, including software sales, sas sales (which stands for software as a service business development representative, and sales development representative).

Now, the reason these careers are so well-liked and the reason I write about them on my blog is not only that there is an absurd amount of demand, even at the entry level, for careers like this, but on top of that, it also pays extremely well even in your very first year, and as if all of that wasn't enough, you do not need a college degree or prior experience.

There are many examples of people entering the tech sales field today without a college degree, without any experience, and earning over $70,000.00 in their first year. There are even extreme examples of people entering the tech sales field without any experience and earning $130,000.00 in their first year.

Bootcamps claim to be able to get you into tech sales in a very short amount of time, so they're basically going to train you how to do it and they're going to help you get a job. So this is a career where you can make a lot of money right off the bat and if you're a high performer you do really well you have a ton of opportunity to make even more money, down the line.

That is why tech sales bootcamps are receiving so much attention; consequently, why should you enroll in one?


Are Tech Sales Bootcamps Really Worth It Or Not ?

Well, first of all, technology sales generally bring in around $100,000 per year, and as I mentioned, there are a ton of examples of people who get into tech sales and succeed with it without a college degree and no experience.

Bootcamps can provide a range of benefits, including:

- Improved job prospects. 
- Enhanced career skills. 
- Improved communication and networking skills.
- Enhanced business acumen. 

However, there are also a number of factors to consider when evaluating whether a bootcamp is right for you. 

Some bootcamps offer a condensed program that is designed to help you achieve specific goals in a short amount of time. Others provide more comprehensive programs that may require you to complete a number of assignments and exams. 

Bootcamps have been growing in popularity in recent years, but are they worth it? The short answer is, it depends on you and your skills. 


Tech Sales Bootcamps Demande, Job & Certificates

Let's now talk a little more about tech sales positions, and more specifically, let's talk about the demand.

First of all the technology industry has a ton of demand, in general bls estimates that the technology industry is going to grow 13 percent over the next 10 years, usually like four to five percent is average and sales is one of the most valuable skills you can learn, so when you combine technology skills and sales skills together magical things happen now, when you type in business development on linkedin at the entry level only you're going to see that 354 000 results pop up, so there are a ton of companies out there that need people even at the entry level in this business development role.

Let's move on to the question of whether firms hire graduates of tech sales bootcamps.

The answer to this is yes, employers do hire people who graduate from tech sales bootcamps. However, wait until I talk about the other sections before you drop everything and enroll in a tech sales bootcamp since this segues well into the next section.

So there are a variety of ways to enter the text sales industry, including those that I just listed: credentials, online programs, boot camps, etc.

The best way to enter a career path will vary depending on your situation and the career path you're trying to enter, for example, with data analytics, I frequently recommend certificates, but there are many other career paths where I don't recommend certificates. Self-taught can be very beneficial for the right type of personality, but you have to be extremely creative, extremely motivated, and you have to be someone with a lot of character.


How Much Does Bootcamps Cost ?

Bootcamps can be beneficial, but they can also be highly expensive; some bootcamps can cost as much as $30,000. This gets me to my next question: are tech sales bootcamps worthwhile?

In order to evaluate acquiring a college degree to enter into tech sales against a tech sales bootcamp, I basically ran a study of the top five tech sales bootcamps according to career karma and course report dot com.

There are certain bootcamps that are much, much better than others, which takes me to the next area, which is about what is the greatest tech sales bootcamp. The bootcamp is probably a better deal because it will save you like three to four years of time and some money.


5 Best Tech Sales Bootcamps

So like i said i looked at these websites and the top five tech sales bootcamps were :

  1. elevate
  2. highrise academy
  3. pre-hired
  4. springboard
  5. sv academy

Before the pandemic, many of these bootcamps were in-person, so you'd go there and receive that in-person training, which can be very helpful, especially if you're more of a hands-on type of person. However, most of these bootcamps have since moved online, but the issue is that most of them continue to charge the same amount despite not having the huge infrastructure costs that you have to have.

For course careers, the rating on Career Karma was an average of five stars. Elevate received an average score of 4.8 high, Rise Academy a score of 4.96, Pre-Hired a score of 4.9, Springboard a score of 4.6, and SV Academy a score of 4.9.

Therefore, course careers came in first, followed by elevate in second and SV Academy in third. If you compare the prices, course careers costs $450, elevate is $25,000, high rise academy is $4,000, pre-hired is $30, 000, springboard is $5,000, and SV Academy is $10,000.

I obtained these figures from their websites, as well as from course report and career karma, so if they change them, kindly double-check my information. However, course careers is definitely the most affordable option, followed by high-rise at $4,000 and springboard at $5,000.

But once more, course careers is ranked first, and when you consider the course's length, I can say with certainty that many students complete it in a month, and occasionally even less.

If you take it part-time, it might take a little bit longer; Elevate says it will take about 2.5 months, High Rise says it will take about 1.5 months, Pre-Hired says it will take four months, Springboard says it will take four months, and SV Academy says it will take four months. As a result, Course Careers came in first place; people frequently complete it in one month and land jobs in that time; High-rise Academy came in second at 1.5 months, and Elevate came in

Now course careers, on the other side, has a ton of video interviews. If you look at the course careers linkedin, there are a ton of individuals who talk about it and a ton of video interviews of people who are quite excited about it. In addition, course careers actually collaborates with businesses to create internships and employment. So looking at these websites and sort of what they offer, you know you've got like a cohort, you've got other people that you would like to work with and you've got different groups where you can talk to each other like a discord, sometimes they use like facebook groups or other types of groups where you can basically talk with other people which is great because that makes it more social.



Practically everything that these various bootcamps have to offer is a career. If you're interested in course careers and you're unsure if you'd be a good fit to get into tech sales or you simply want to learn more, offers for approximately one-tenth or maybe even like one-thirtieth of the fee, and in the case of the $30,000 bootcamp it's like 150th or 180th of the price.

There are simply many better options to those if you're seeking to break into the tech sales industry and you're considering spending $30 000 on a bootcamp. If you want to learn more, look at some interviews with people who have either completed or highly suggest course careers.

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