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Top 5 BEST Careers WITHOUT A College Degree

This is a frequently asked question I always get. What's the best career to start without a college degree?

What kind of jobs and careers are available? Get your foot in the door with an entry-level job that lets you move up without a college degree.

The truth is, college costs are incredibly high, especially in the United States, and it takes an average of five years or more to get a bachelor's degree.


Can I get a job without a college degree ?

In many cases, many of the jobs that go to college require a master's degree or higher.

But yes, you can get a great job that pay well without a college degree.


Top 5 Careers You Can Get Into Without A College Degree

Many people choose paths other than college to save a tremendous amount of time, money, and opportunity cost.

The best options are listed bellow.


1. Web Developer

So web development is basically one of the easiest forms of software development. For example, one of the most profitable ways you can do web development today is by working on a platform like Shopify. But if you decide to become a web developer, there are many other options for money and opportunity costs.

Of all the different coding options for software development, web development is the easiest to use. Even if your ultimate goal is to move on to something more complex like full-stack development, web development is a great place to start, and even web development for some of these specific platforms. It's honestly pretty easy to learn. Learn about the platform itself.

So you're looking at 101,000 entry-level web development jobs in the US, not 101,000. It's much more than that, but with 101,000 entry-level jobs, his typical web developer salary is around $98,000 a year. Web development is an amazing choice, with lots of room to grow. You can also get into other kinds of software development, software development, etc.


2. Tech Sales

I've recently interviewed a lot of people who actually got into technical sales positions. Because I think technical sales is where you can land faster than any other type of career.

Web development, for example, requires learning to program, requires creating several projects, and takes some getting used to. In tech sales, I always see someone with no experience or a college degree making more leaps in her month or two than in any other type of career.

There are a few other names like software sales business development person, sales development person and a little bit different depending on whether it's inbound or outbound or something, but it says it all under the umbrella of technology sales, I believe When you factor in insanely valuable skills sales in general, and everything from salary to work-life balance, you're probably in the best industry.

If you type in sales development, there are 103,000 entry-level jobs, and LinkedIn has 284,000 entry-level jobs. There are so many entry level jobs for this and that's why you can get a job very quickly and people are justifiably making $70,000 or more a year.often six figures can easily divide the numbers of

So that is just phenomenal people are getting amazing results

Tech sales isn't for everyone. Not everyone has that personality. It made me grow out of my shell. So even if you think you're an introvert and not a sales person, this is probably worth a try.


3. UX and UI Design

Now we usually know both UX and UI, but UI is more of an art form. So people have come to prefer that method. There aren't that many options at the beginner level, but what do you expect? You make art literally right, you get paid to make art.

It's rare to find a job where you can draw and get paid. Artists usually have to become entrepreneurs, start their own businesses, take a lot of risks and get rewarded. The fact that you can actually do the work and get paid is pretty cool. UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience, UI is the process of creating an aesthetically pleasing interface and UX is the process of improving the user experience.

So when you get into entry-level UI design, there are about 34,000 vacancies, which is still really good. Not as amazing as it used to be, but still really good. If you go into entry-level UX design, there are about 16,000. Jobs and UX UI Web Designers Earn Around $87,000 a Year.

This is a very good place to start. Usually people go to some kind of UX UI design bootcamp. Some have very good courses to help you learn on your own, or you can buy courses and buy one. A community of other people taking courses


4. Trade Careers

This is a little more complicated as it depends on the city you live in, the state you live in, whether you have a union, and all other factors.

Sometimes you can basically just go in and start making money, but sometimes you have to go through an apprenticeship program where you can't make money, or a vocational school where you can't make money. depending on where you live.

However, apart from being one of the most stable truck drivers out there, it is relatively easy and fast to become a truck driver with certification, and you can earn quite a lot.

I don't think I need to explain what a tracker is. I think everyone knows this, but at the entry level, he has 165,000 truck driver jobs in the US, and truck drivers typically make about $68,000 a year. company truck etc.

This is one such job. Especially driving long distances can be a bit of a challenge since you are away from your family. Long distance jobs tend to pay better. This is definitely something to keep in mind as it's a transport route across the country and you'll be away for long periods of time so it can be a little tricky depending on your lifestyle, but trading careers in general are very provide many opportunities for.


5. Digital Marketing

This is also one of my favorite careers. Well, relatively easy to get into. No college degree required. No experience required.

There are many types of digital marketing. Paid advertising, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Also, there are many different elements to a marketing strategy. A lot of it comes down to organic posts and email marketing, but when it comes to digital marketing's ridiculous amount of demand, there are 92,000 entry-level jobs posted, and you can expect to make about $76,000 a year.



Finally your future career depends on which route you go, because typically people will specialize in one of those categories that i mentioned before, but it is relatively common to see people with no experience, no college degree etc getting jobs within three months or so


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