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What Do Consumer Non-durables Jobs Pay in 2023 ( 13 Jobs & Salary )

The consumer non-durables industry has expanded enormously throughout time.

Numerous businesses, both large and small, are now producing consumer non-durables as a result of these changes.


Exemple of consumer non-durable industry

  • Cosmetic industry.
  • Food industry.
  • Shoes and Clothes.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Farm tools production.
  • Paper manufacturing.
  • Oil and gas.


What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?

You are here because you want to know the average salary in the consumer non-durable field, here’s the answer.

Consumer non-durable businesses pay well since they need little expertise and may be completed by staff members with little experience. Employees in retail, for instance, are frequently hired on the fly without experience.

Salary for consumer non-durable jobs ranges from $40,000 to $129,000.

It depends on the business and the sector.

For exemple, a sales representative in 2022 might make an average of $62,070 per year. Cosmetic Sales generate an average yearly revenue of $45,950.

These positions call for a great attitude, a willingness to work hard, and strong math abilities. If you adhere to straightforward directions, you'll probably get employment in the retail sector.

Other non-durable positions, such those in the healthcare sector, also pay highly. Jobs in the healthcare industry frequently require a specialized degree, but typically pay well enough to offset the initial expense of education.


13 Best Paying jobs in Consumer Non-durables Industry

Some of the best jobs in consumer non-durable salary (Average/year) :


  1. Brand manager - $$127,333
  2. Sales representative - between $51,904 and $70,368.
  3. Marketing manager - $92,931
  4. Food technologist – between $66,400 and $85,493
  5. Restaurant manager - between $46,506 and $68,168
  6. Machine operator - between $32,768 and $41,514.
  7. Quality assurance analyst - $83,564
  8. Communication specialist - between $23,000 to $128,000 
  9. Oil rig worker - $66,483
  10. Human resource manager - $126,230
  11. Esthetician - $36,510
  12. Hair stylist - $37,970
  13. Beauty consultant - $58,781

There are many jobs available in the Consumer non-durable field, you can READ HERE to discover exactly how many jobs are there in this sector.


Advantages of Working in Consumer Non-durables

Both the largest businesses and the most well-known soft goods firms are concerned about the welfare of their employees. Employee perks and rewards are as a result abundant.

There are many insurance and health advantages offered by Coca-Cola. These perks include health and dental insurance, as well as severance pay. Employers at businesses like P&G can also take advantage of pension schemes.

Additionally, PepsiCo offers life and health insurance to its employees. They also provide pension schemes and stock bonuses as part of their attempts to promote employee wellbeing.

This field include the biggest companies in the world, if you want to discover the top 15 biggest companies in the consumer non-durable sector READ HERE



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